Meet Angela

1)  What is your blog about?  What is your niche, if you have one?

My Blog is about Lifestyle, Travel, Beauty, Health and Fashion but is mostly a place I can be my authentic self and encouraging others to do the same. It is my creative outlet, and I am in the process of making it my career. It is also based on my life so it is semi personal. 

2)  Why did you start blogging?

It was a during my last year of uni studying, Fashion Marketing and my lecturer, wanted us to start a business, I had already had a blog when, I was a teenager, but never took it seriously, and was in the middle of researching that, and how can I earn money, and I was living in a new city, and need a creative outlet.  It was like the stars, were aligning so I decided to run with and see if I can make it a successful career, out of it. 

3)  What do you love about blogging?  What do you not like about blogging?

The community is ever welcoming, the international one and helpful.

What I don’t like and what am struggling with is SEO,

That people are jumping into it thinking they can make a quick buck and some do succeed.

That there are only a few sure ways to make money from blogging and most bloggers say that, you should sale eBooks, a course and if you should blog about blogging, or fashion not offence to the bloggers in those niches.

Writing what people want to read not, what you want to write. 

Angela pic 2

4)  What is your biggest obstacle/fear about blogging?

Me failing at it, and not being able to make it a career of it. Plus competing with other bloggers, who are in the same niche at me. 

5)  What type of audience do you hope to attract with your blog?

People, who want to be different, audience I can build a community with and go on this crazy journey with me and see me evolve into a woman, I can be proud of. 

6)  What apps, software or plugins are your favorite for blogging/social media?

VSCO Cam for editing my photos on my phone and iPad

Instagram it is like my visual portfolio and it gives people a glimpse into my life.

Still working on which plugins, I like, since am evolving my website.

Plann to plan my Instagram grid, may get other one.

Lightroom editing my photos and creating my own presets. 

Angela pic 3

7)   What are your favorite things about Kenya?

The exquisite beauty of the country, it is one of the reasons I am starting a travel page and hopefully a travel vlog. The people we are very friendly and helpful, Our culture that is passed down from one generation to another, the food I missed it when I was living in China and finally the party scene, it is electric it was also one of the things, I missed cause more often it is always random, cause I have found myself in a club, in Pajama bottoms. 

8)   What do you hope your readers take away from your blog?

To be entertained, to learn something, to be hopeful and found new music to listen to. 

Angela pic 1

9)  Do you have a passion project that you want to pursue now or in the future when you have time?

I think my end goal, is to work for Vogue, and maybe start my own African/Kenyan Vogue that features up and coming creatives in the industry. My photography and I am learning to better myself, at it. Creating a Travel YouTube channel, haven’t found time to work on. 

10)  What do you wish you had known before you started blogging?


That is should be writing what my readers, want to read not what I would like to write and I still learning that.

How lonely it is, when your own creating content and planning shoots.

How much it takes to get a post out, and market so it reaches into the right people.

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I am creative, sarcastic, Introvert and a lover of art. My blog is mainly powered by the voices in my head and that is not going to change, because I think that is my superpower, So come check me out, and come on this crazy journey with me.


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