Meet Tori

  1. What is your blog about? What is your niche, if you have one?


It’s important to me that my blog site represents myself – a collection of things. TheTmedley isn’t about just one thing and it’s about everything. From makeup looks I admire and want to try, how to get baby smooth skin, and my latest fashion finds to getting healthier inside and out, finding clarity and peace within while pushing for a more positive perspective in life to manifest everything you want. With that being said, my motto is “where life gets better” because nothing is ever wrong with wanting more (for yourself and others).


  1. Why did you start blogging?


Writing has always been an outlet for those times when many struggle to comprehend how you’re really feeling, thinking, etc. However, over the years I’ve fallen in love with words and the significance of them. Though, I’ve toyed around with being a blog owner for almost a decade during holidays, it took me a while to discover that part of my mission as well as my passion is to impact the world as much as I can with my words and blogging is just one of my stepping stones. (PS. I absolutely love it, no one knows how fun – and yes, stressful – having a blog is until they do it!)

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  1. What do you love about blogging? What do you not like about blogging?


I love that it is literally your own playfield. In such a structured world, I crave the opposite – partially because I grew up in a super progressive area where “weird” and “unique” were in. You are your own content creator, editor, etc., everything is pure and genuine. I also love the community, and the fact that I have something I do solely for me. Things I don’t like about blogging: pressures of being on a schedule, ideas not always working out (but that’s part of life right?), and the constant debate you have over which direction you want to take your blog. Overall, as a blogger you have a life outside of your drafts but it’s beautiful to see so much passion in such an underrated industry.


  1. What is your biggest obstacle/fear about blogging?


I do my best to not live in fear but one thing I definitely want to make sure of is that I don’t get to the point where I’m solely making content for my viewers, I want it to be for the both of us!


  1. What type of audience do you hope to attract with your blog?


My blog site is of course for everyone. I created it specifically to be everyone’s “safe place” if nowhere else. If I had to sum up what I see my audience as, it would be anybody who is craving evolution, new experiences, wants to try new things and feel life but just needs a little courage. I’m here to be the “yes” and “go for it” person for everyone who needs it!

Tori 2

  1. What apps, software or plugins are your favorite for blogging/social media?


Omg! My all time favorite apps thus far are: Canva – another playing field great for promotions or diagramed texts + pictures within blog posts. With canva you can create gorgeous, sleek and professional images that easily capture an audience. HypeType – best for instagram stories, with hypetype you can add some fun to your promotions and whatnot by adding different fonts, music and cute video effects (FOR FREE!). Lastly, WeHeartIt – and I heart them! All of my pictures on my blog site and quotes on my instagram are from weheartit if they weren’t taken by hand! What are your holy grails? I’m dying to know more!


  1. Who have been some of your influencers?


Some may find my answer of no one to be odd. However, I didn’t get into blogging because of anyone other than me and though I admire and love a lot of fellow bloggers and their work ethic, I haven’t been influenced by anyone yet – and I kind of love it that way!

Tori 4

  1. What was one of your most favorite posts & your least favorite?


I love so many of my pieces but my favorite so far has to be my ‘20 Things I Learned at 20’ []. Everything from the pictures, the style in which it was written and of course, the actual context is all me but it was so much fun to create and though it took days, I don’t think I could be more proud of it. This is also the post that made me want to create more posts with meaning!


My least favorite is unfortunately my previous “To-Do List” [], I had the idea that every week I would publish my to do list online, then summarize whether or not it was thoroughly successful, in attempt to keep both you and I on track. However, it was a complete fail and though I did get more organized outside of the computer, I realized that wasn’t a series I wanted to uphold.


  1. Do you have a passion project that you want to pursue now or in the future when you have time?


I fell in love with words through poems first and a project series I’ve had for the longest is to turn my poems into short visual representations and am constantly trying to find more time for them!

 Tori 5

  1. If you could work with any brands, what would they be?


This is a tough question because there’s such a large variety of brands I’d love to support and work with. However, I’m such a makeup, skincare/health, and gym clothes kind of girl that I’d love to be able to work with smaller clothing brands, of course my favorite makeup brands like Lancôme, Tarte and It, as well as (almost) any skincare/health brand!



1-3 Sentences about you, your blog, etc.


Primarily ran by me, Tori (or Victoria, if you really wish) but also by my sister Vanessa. Together, our goal is to create an atmosphere that helps each individual realize they don’t have to fit into a category or want the same things that many others do. Somehow, we’ve always stood out and it took us years to fully embrace that so we want the same for as many beings possible.


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Thank you for reading & supporting. 

I can be found here:










Youtube:        coming soon 😉




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